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5 Ways a Poor Night’s Sleep Can Mess with You, & 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep

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It’s something that’s often underestimated, but sleep deprivation is something that can prompt a whole host of unwanted problems.



While there’s no doubting that we all do lead hectic lifestyles, abandoning your sleep is asking for trouble and can mess with your system in numerous, troublesome ways:


5 Ways a Poor Night’s Sleep Can Mess with You


Your Urine Production Will Increase

So what, right? During the standard night’s sleep our urine production declines which allows us to experience that uninterrupted sleep which we all crave. If you’re sleep deprived on the other hand, your body will automatically produce more urine.

What this means is that you’ll be making regular trips to the bathroom for the next night, which no one wants.



You Look Less Attractive

Most women in the world pride themselves on their appearance and will invest heavily in the latest and greatest beauty products.

However, a survey has found that those women who short-change themselves on sleep are generally seen as being much less attractive.

It was found that on subjects who had been awake for 31 hours, against those on a regular night’s sleep, the latter always came out on top. A similar study also found that those suffering with a lack of sleep looked sadder.



You're More Depressed

We’ll now move onto another study; in 2008 it was found that people who had slept for less than six hours had significantly higher levels of depression, stress and anxiety.

Little else needs to be said, if you want to be happy – hit the pillow.



You React Strongly to Social Exclusion

Perhaps one of the strangest “side effects” of sleep deprivation arrives in the form of feelings of social exclusion.

A sleep researcher found that someone who has not had sufficient sleep will react more strongly to social exclusion than the typical, rested person.



Your Diet Goes Down The Drain

One part of looking great is having a great figure. For women, this is particularly important and a lack of sleep will get you knocking on the door of an awful diet.

You’ll start to wander down the unhealthy food aisle, opting for things like pizza and doughnuts, and ultimately pile on the pounds.

Funnily enough, there is a scientific reason behind this, with a lack of sleep hindering our brain’s frontal lobe which is responsible for making our complex decisions.


10 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep and What to Do about It

Some of us don’t sleep for sufficient amounts of time and it’s completely our own fault. We have too much to do and in the end, sleep gets put at the bottom of the priorities list.

However, for others it’s not quite as clear cut as that and there are some reasons why you just won’t be able to physically get to sleep. Here are ten of the most common ones:



To some people snoring is a bit of a comedy problem, but for others it’s much, much worse than that. Let’s not kid ourselves; this is something that can cause your whole house to stay awake for the night.

While some people like to dabble in various herbal remedies, there are more practical solutions now available with sleepPro falling into this category. By opening up your airways, you can minimise or even eliminate your snoring and finally have that good night’s sleep.

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This is probably one of the most common issues, with many of us trying to solve that big problem that is blighting our day, or month. Once we get caught up in this whirlwind, it doesn’t stop.

Therefore, try and direct yourself away as soon as you feel your mind drifting.



High Room Temperature

We all love to be wrapped up cosily in our bed, but make sure that the room isn’t too warm. Our bodies and brains ideally like to cool down when we sleep and a room with a high temperature will prevent this.

Keeping the window open is the obvious solution, but don’t make it get too cold…



Late Exercise

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life it can be difficult to find a point to exercise. However, leave it too late and you’re metabolism will be overstimulated, meaning that your heart rate will become far too restless for the night.

As such, keep late night exercise to a minimum and reserve it for earlier in the day.




Particularly when we’re desperate for that good night’s sleep, clockwatching can be a killer for us all. Every time you wake up you’ll take a look and over time, you’ll train your circadian rhythms in a way that will make you wake up at that exact time every night.

The simple solution is to turn the clock around so you just can’t see it.



Protein Overload

There’s a time and a place to consume protein; and before bed isn’t one of these occasions.

It’s something that needs a lot of energy to digest and when you’re desperately trying to sleep, your digestive system will be working hard to process it. A better suggestion is to turn to a light carbohydrate.



Pre-sleep Technology

It’s another one of those things hat most of us do, but watching TV, checking your phone or typing away on your tablet or laptop before going to sleep is something else that can hinder the whole process.

It stimulates our brain, while the light from the device will wake you up even more.

A free tool that can help you get the optimal screen luminosity is flux.



Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine is the stereotypical ingredient that keeps us awake, but what a lot of us don’t realise is just how long it manages to do this for. Caffeine can remain in our system up to ten hours since we last drank it, meaning that it can play absolute havoc with our bodies as they try and get to sleep.

For those of you who are struggling, try and timescale your coffee for the morning so it’s completely out of your system by bedtime.



Late-night Alcohol Binges

It might send some of us to sleep, but alcohol will severely worsen the quality of the sleep you receive.

It limits the amount of REM sleep you get, meaning that you will feel much more tired the morning after your drinking session.




For the smokers out there, it’s time to stop. The fact that nicotine is a stimulant means that it is likely to wake you up through the night – almost as much as your standard cup of coffee.

While it might not be the easiest thing in the world to do, at least try and curb the habit. Even if it’s just by an alternative such as Jac Vapour electronic cigarettes it will help – your main aim is to reduce the amount of nicotine that enters your system and causes those sleepless nights.

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