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As each year ticks by, the world seems to be more and more directed by sex. However, for some of us it just doesn’t tick. We don’t get turned on – we’re just not interested and it causes friction in our relationships.

According to the product Vigorelle, those days could soon be over. Our review will now look at the product in more detail to see if it really can reignite your sex drive.

our vigorelle review


The breakdown on Vigorelle

  • Vigorelle isn’t based on some magical pill formula and you don’t have to dabble in any new sex positions – just apply the cream in your intimate areas and feel your sex life soar through the roof.
  • As well as boosting your sex drive, Vigorelle will make everything else in the bedroom completely satisfying. Experiences orgasms which you’ve read about, but have ultimately never felt, whilst supplying your partner with a sex drive that is unrecognisable.
  • Another benefit of Vigorelle is that it can cure that irritating vaginal dryness, due to the smooth texture of the product.
  • The manufacturers are so confident that Vigorelle will transform your sex life, that they have attached a generous 100% money back guarantee clause. In other words, you’re not risking any money by taking the plunge and purchasing the product.
  • On the subject of the manufacturers, Vigorelle is made by Leading Edge Health – a company who have been in the business since 1999 and have amassed a superb reputation. They have a long history – and that’s because their products work.


Vigorelle Cons

  • Vigorelle emits a peppermint-like smell, which will not be of the taste of some users.
  • At the moment you won’t be able to pop into your local high street store to purchase this – it must be bought online.


Vigorelle – How does it work?

As you may have gathered, Vigorelle is not based on your standard set of ingredients that form basic lubrication products. Instead, it relies on the following to achieve its orgasm-enhancing properties:

L-Arginine HCI – This encourages the circulation of blood around the area where Vigorelle has been applied. It means that more nutrients and blood can reach the surrounding tissues and subsequently increase our senses.

Gingko Biloba – This is another component that increases blood flow, but it is also able to encourage moisture retention in the skin. This is the reason Vigorelle has such a smooth texture.

Wild Yam – While Wild Yam has been found to increase fertility, this isn’t the direct reason why it has been included in Vigorelle. Instead, it is able to stimulate human hormone production and when it comes to sex, it goes without saying that this is particularly important to improve our sensations.

Damiana Leaf – As well as being used in the treatment of vaginal dryness, it has been found that the Damiana Leaf can stimulate progesteronic action to increase our senses in our intimate regions.

Peppermint Leaf – As well as providing a slight peppermint aroma to the product, this component enhances the absorption of the cream and encourages natural lubrication.


Will Vigorelle work for you?

While there have been few medical studies to confirm the effectiveness of Vigorelle, doctors have confirmed that the selection of ingredients used are effective. For example, the product is endorsed by Dr. Karen Vieira and considering her reputation in the field (she has been part of research teams for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Kraft Foods), we have every reason to believe exactly what she says about such components.

Of course, most people are concerned about past user experiences. Fortunately, these appear to be largely positive as well and while the basis of the product is to increase sex drive, most women have said that it has also caused them to achieve their first ever orgasm.


Does Vigorelle have side effects?

Due to the natural concoction of ingredients, there have been no reported side effects with Vigorelle.


Vigorelle Price and Where to Buy it?

As you might expect from a product that could potentially be used in the long-term, there are countless packages to choose from with Vigorelle. A one month supply of the product will cost $59.95, while it’s possible to buy in bulk and make even bigger savings.

For example, a 12 month supply will cost $489.95 – providing you with a saving of $230. Additionally, when you do purchase more than a month’s worth, you will be presented with a bonus gift in the form of a One Touch Mini Bullet.

You can buy Vigorelle from their official website over here.


Vigorelle review summary

On first glance, Vigorelle appeared to be a product that “merely” boosted our sex drive.

However, through the course of our review it soon became clear that it also had an incredible impact on your orgasm potential and considering the generous money-back guarantee that is attached to the product, we’d have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who wants to get more out of their sex life.

Vigorelle Official Website

Vigorelle review

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