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Types of Teeth Whitening Products | beautybend
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Types of Teeth Whitening Products

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Everyone wants to have the whitest smile possible, the problem is with so many teeth whitening products on the market finding the best one to give you that bright smile may be more difficult than you would imagine.

teeth whitening product types

Teeth whitening gum is probably the easiest of the teeth whitening products to use. You simply pop the gum in your mouth and chew it and it is supposed to whiten your teeth.

The truth is that chewing regular gum immediately after eating often is as effective as the more expensive teeth whitening gums on the market.

Teeth whitening pens are also quite easy to use. If you can color then you can use the teeth whitening pen. You simply color the whitening gel onto your teeth wait the directed amount of time and then rinse.

The problem with teeth whitening pens are two fold. First the whitening product is not on your teeth longer enough to do any good unless you simply want to brighten your teeth a little. Second, getting into the area between the teeth, getting the backside and tops of the teeth can be quite difficult only whitening the front of the teeth.

Whitening strips contain whitening gel on strips that you place over your teeth. These strips come into pairs for both the top and bottom. Unfortunately, whitening strips can’t clean between the teeth.

If you use these strips as directed and they prove to effectively whiten your teeth by two or three shades over time you will end up with what looks like stripes in your teeth which can be worse than having those yellow teeth in the first place.

Teeth whitening kits are probably the most effective. These work using trays that you place the teeth whitening gel in and then fit them over your teeth for a directed amount of time. You will need to use these kits nightly for anywhere from a few days to up to two weeks depending on the brand of teeth whitener you purchase.

Probably the most effective of the teeth whitening products are those that your dentist applies. While having a dental whitening treatment can be somewhat expensive, in most cases the difference is noticeable after just one treatment. Your dentist can also give you tips on ways to keep their teeth white much longer.

Now that you know the different types of teeth whitening products that are available you need to find the one that works best for you and suits your lifestyle.

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