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The Best Ways to Straighten Curly Hair

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Are you tired of working with your curly hair? Curly hair can be beautiful but there are a lot of different styles that just won’t work when you have hair that is a little out of control. You may have seen different styles on social media that you want to try but you’re just too worried that they will look strange with your curly hair. Below are a couple of the best ways to straighten curly hair.

straight hair before and after

Straightening with a Paddle Brush & Hair Dryer

A paddle brush is a square shaped brush with bristles which is meant to help you straighten your curly hair. Whenever you are ready to start straightening your hair you just put the brush under your hair and start drying from that top of hair strand to the bottom. You should make sure you already have everything but the bottom layer of hair put up in a clip so it does not interfere with your drying and straightening.

Paddle Brush

You usually do not want to use your hair dryer on the top speed because your hair may blow around too much and cause a mess vs looking good. If your hair dryer’s top speed isn’t too crazy then you may get by with the top speed.

Hair Dryer

No matter how high of a speed you put your hair dryer you need to make sure that each strand of hair is thoroughly dry. This is because your hair will not stay silky and smooth if it is only partially dry. You most likely will have to fight with frizz if you allow partially dry hair to stay around.

To protect your hair from the heat it is a good idea to spray something on your hair before you start straightening it. Heat is going to cause harm to your hair but whenever you use a good product you are going to reduce the amount of damage that is done. Paul Mitchell Straight Works is a great product for women that want only the best for their hair.

Straightening your hair using the paddle brush is a great way to get silky smooth hair that can go into any style that you desire.

Using a Straightening Iron

One of the most popular ways of straightening your hair is by using a straightening iron. You should know that not all straightening irons are created equal. You want to get one that is easy to handle, has a long enough cord and maybe even one that is in your favorite color. The Corioliss brand is a great brand that has been helping women straighten hair beautifully.

Straightening Iron

Before you begin using your straightening iron you should apply a product like L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin heat protect spray. It helps to protect your hair against the heat of the straightening iron but anytime that you apply heat you are still going to have some damage done to your hair.

To begin straightening your hair with the straightening iron you want to thoroughly dry your hair first. If your hair is wet you are going to fry your hair whenever you put the straightening iron so it. You can apply the heat protecting serum whenever your hair is damp and then use the hair dryer.

After your hair is ready to be straightened you should get little clips to put it up in sections. The sections should be small enough for you to straighten with the straightening iron. You do not want to have to refigure after you begin the process so make sure they are small enough. You want to begin straightening at the bottom and laying straightened hair over your shoulder so it stays separated from the hair that has not been straightened yet.

Once you have gotten your hair sectioned out you will simply begin slowly using the straightening iron as directed on the box. You do not want to leave the straightening iron in one spot too long. This is because it will damage your hair and it can also leave little crimp marks on your hair. You want your hair to be nice and smooth so keep the process going all the way to the bottom of each strand of hair.


curly hair straghtening

You can try both ways if you like and see which one gives you the look that you like best. They both will turn out a little bit different but still look great. If you have very dry hair make sure that you condition your hair very well before you begin using your hair dryer or your straightening iron because you do not want cracking hair. You want to see sleek and beautiful straight hair and now you know a couple of different ways that can help you achieve that result.

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By Jean Miles | in Hair Care

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