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The 10 Most Disgusting Beauty Treatments Ever Created | beautybend
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The 10 Most Disgusting Beauty Treatments Ever Created

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Prepare to be disgusted beyond belief when you discover the ugly truth behind beauty!

Since the beginning of time, it seems as if women have been on a constant search for the best beauty treatments. This is because there is an inherent need for women to look and feel beautiful.

While this is totally understandable and no one would ever dream of begrudging a woman her God given right to beauty, some of the things used in the practice of skin care are absolutely disgusting, as well as quite bizarre. It is actually amazing to wrap your head around some of the techniques women are using to keep themselves in tiptop shape, at least their skin.

Disgustingly Beautiful

If you think you have heard everything there is to hear, put your invisible seat belts on and get ready for the ride of your life. The search for never ending youth and beauty comes with it a very long list of strange practices, which are almost too ugly to be beauty treatments! We know there is an old saying “One must suffer to be beautiful,” but really, does that include losing your lunch?

Read on and see why some of the highest rated products on the market are detestable when you really stop to consider them Unorthodox and New Beauty Treatments. Today, there are many unorthodox beauty treatments available that women are simply lining up to try. You in fact, may have even tried some of them yourself, or have been toying with the idea. While many of these bizarre treatments are just on the verge of being on shaky ground with the general population, this doesn’t seem to be stopping women, and even men everywhere from taking the plunge and trying them out.

After all, everyone wants to look like a celebrity! In some areas of the world, the demand for these extraordinary beauty treatments is even more pronounced.

1. Lotion Made with the Foreskin of Babies

Image Source

One product that sounds atrocious, and not like anything any one would ever dream of slathering on their face is baby foreskin. However, amazingly enough, Skin Medica has released a product that claims to literally catapult people back in time, with its anti aging benefits. The price is outrageous, and has been ever since it was first introduced.

Shockingly, this particular product line is selling out faster than it can be stocked! What does this say about our society? Well, for one thing is shows a definite desire to be younger looking, no matter what the method may be!

2. Perfume Made of Whale Vomit

Image Source

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Actually, it sounds unrealistic and impossible, but lo and behold, Ambergris, while it has a quite exotic sounding name, contains a base that is made from none other than whale vomit. You do know what that means right?

The supposed claim here is that the scent acts in such a way as to make members of the opposite sex more sexually appealing. In Europe, women have been using the perfume for years! It’s a shame we cannot market our own vomit in such a creative and income generating way!


3. Fuze Pheromone Lotion- The Real Love Potion Number 9?

Image Source

Almost everyone has heard of pheromones! These subtle scents are given off in the animal kingdom to attract members of the opposite sex. In fact, in studies performed decades ago, 100 women were asked to go through 100 t-shirts and choose the one, which belonged to their husbands! A tremendously unbelievable percentage actually chose the correct shirt!

This is when we really started looking at pheromones and their effect on sexuality. Now, if you have seen the movie Love Potion Number 9, this lotion can only be compared to that; a true blue potion that works by altering your smell through chemicals, thereby making you much more attractive to men, in fact allegedly irresistible!

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4. What’s That You Say? Bull Semen?

Image Source Image Source

Bingo! Bull semen is the main ingredient in many different hair care products. Just try to take a moment to imagine this for what it really is! Yes, while we know women will go to great lengths for luxurious hair, is this pushing the envelope? Not according to the women who swear these products work to give them softer, silkier hair, and in a very short period of time.

We could talk about making our own hair care products, using, oh never mind, that would be reserved for a totally different discussion. The point is people are happily slathering bull semen on their hair, and truly do not seem to mind the prospect, and apparently it works. It appears the biggest claim is that it penetrates, no pun intended, into the hair cuticle much faster than other protein containing substances.

5. The Goo of Snails Used in Moisturizers

Image Source

If you really want your wrinkles to disappear then pay careful attention here. Some people, and probably not many Americans, actually use the goo from a snail to help remove stretch marks, scars, and deep wrinkles. While it is much more popular in some countries than others, it is a growing concept and who knows how long it will take to reach the states? As it stands now, even the most hard-core beauty gurus are a little disgusted by this, but that doesn’t stop some women.

What is it that makes snail goo so beneficial? Only the snail knows as the ingredient is considered secret! There are a series of products, which are available on the market today, that use this secret ingredient, but finding one, if you are so brave, is entirely up to you.

6. Bird Poop on Your Face? Indeed!

Image Source

Victoria Beckham swears by it, and unbelievably many follow suit. Of course, this isn’t surprising as she is, after all, Victoria Beckham! The facial, Shizuka NY Geisha is essentially fifty minutes of having your face slathered in bird droppings. As if this is not bizarre enough, the facial costs almost $200, give or take. The droppings are particularly from Nightingales and are sterilised, as if that wouldn’t be a given.

We would certainly hope no one is out collecting bird poop, jarring it and putting it directly on a patron’s face without at least being certain it is sterile! The facial is claimed to soften and brighten the complexion by the use of strong natural enzymes.

7. Oodles of Noodle

Image Souce

Ramen noodles are not just for poor families, or broke university kids anymore! That’s right, at least one Japanese spa is using them in a massive pool you can soak in for as long as you’d like. Of course, these are not real noodles, as the health department would never allow such a thing. Instead, the spa uses little floaties that look exactly like ramen noodles. The key seems to be in the peppery broth, which is said to cleanse the skin and even help boost the metabolism.

The broth, made of a pork base is purchased locally at a neighborhood noodle- speciality shop. It probably is not a good idea to try this at home, as it is bound to be quite messy, and the clean up would be outrageous. Still, the idea of soaking in noodles is probably a new concept for many readers.

8. Grotesque Make-Up Ingredients


Image Source Image Source Image Source

There is a great deal of cosmetics that contain ingredients no one would use, if he or she knew they were included. On the other hand, as seen in examples mentioned above, some people do not seem to care about disgusting practices, as long as they work. Let us look at lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, and of course lotions that are slathered all over areas of your body, from your head to your toes.

Many of these products contain crushed wings, eggs, and shells of the Cochineal Beetle. Some of you are probably shaking your head in disgust at the idea of spreading mashed up beetle parts on your face, especially your lips! However, it has been used for centuries, and in many products, so it wouldn’t be shocking to us if you were actually wearing it right now. We would like to add, it is also added to much of your food as well. Nice, isn’t it?

9. What Women Once Went Through for Red Hair

Image Source

We have talked about quite a few heinous beauty treatments, none of which sound very beautiful at all. But, what about those women back in the day who wanted gorgeous red locks? Let us look at Queen Elizabeth for a moment, not the current one of course, but the one who ruled from the mid 1500’s to the early 1600’s.

She has such a great desire for red hair that she no doubt weathered such undesirable effects as nosebleeds, headaches, nausea, and vomiting as a result! Why, you want to know? Well, the answer is easy really; her hair dye was made of pure poisons such as sulphur, quicklime, lead and maybe even a few more we haven’t uncovered.

10. A Good Bedtime Cage to Keep the Rats Away

Image Source

Back in the 1800’s the wigs seen on women in the royal court was considered an art form. The longer the stylists spent creating and molding these wigs, the more elaborate, and of course, bigger they became (this gives a new meaning to big hair, for sure!). Well, the only problem here was that back in those days, they didn’t have what we often refer to as “product,” such as gel, mousse, hairspray, or any of that. What did they do to keep the wigs in place?

They used lard! Now, aside from the awful smell people must have whiffed when in close proximity to these women, we know that bugs and rodents are attracted to lard, right? Most women had to put cages on their heads at night in order to keep the rats from crawling through their wigs for a quick meal! That sounds horribly uncomfortable and generally gross, for lack of a better word.

In Conclusion…
Over the years women, and some men, have gone through absolutely traumatic practices in order to stay youthful and beautiful. Today, those things still continue, only most of them under the guise of some fancy-named cream or other form of cosmetic. The truth is, no one really knows what is being used in the beauty treatments they use on a daily basis. However, one thing is for sure, and that is, after reading through this a bit, it is safe to assume you will start reading and examining the ingredients in your skin care products!

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