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Smoky Eye Make-up Tips | beautybend
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Smoky Eye Make-up Tips

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One of the big trends in the beauty industry at the moment is eye make-up. While some individuals will wish to push the boat out and acquire expensive skin surgery to perfect their appearance, other realise that small adjustments can make a huge difference to how one looks.

smokey eye make up

Of course, there are countless eye make-up styles, with some opting for a minimalistic approach while other people may look to attempt something slightly unorthodox, with Gothic styles always grabbing attention. At the moment, smoky eye make-up is probably the style that is being adopted the most and if you walk down the high street, you’ll be astounded to see just how many people have taken on this appearance.

Bearing this in mind, the remainder of this article will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can get that perfect smoky eye appearance. It’s quite an easy process, and will take no longer than a few minutes once you have perfected it.

  • 1. Your first step is to get your hands on a tarnished eye pencil and roughly run it over your eyelid and underneath the eye. There is absolutely no need for this to be performed neatly and you should just make sure that most of the area is covered. If there are a few gaps, don’t worry, these will be eradicated in future steps. Instead, try and save time with this first step, there is no requirement to be tidy and you are merely putting the bottom layer on, so to speak.
  • 2. Next, find a MAC 217 and try and buff into the eyelid. Some sources may recommend a technique brush at this point, as this will help preserve your equipment and keep it looking like new for longer. Just as you did with step one, concentrate on buffing the eyelid and underneath the eye.
  • 3. The third step is slightly trickier as you will have to close your eye. Take the tarnish pencil you initially used and run a line along the eyelid and underneath again. At this point you should be looking to implement some sort of precision, by at least making sure the pencil gets right into the corners of the eye.
  • 4. Step four is where the smoky effect really starts to take shape. You will require a MAC green smoke for this part and your task is to simply push it over the eyelid and under the eye.
  • 5. After applying the green smoke effect, you must emphasise the line with the tarnished pencil again. Simply run it over the line to make a clear distinction between the smoke and the eyelid.
  • 6. Such distinction won’t last long as the next stage is to blend the line into the eyelid. This step should be performed with the MAC 217 that you used previously.
  • 7. The seventh step to this guide is to take some mascara, preferably one of the skinny brush variety. Apply it like you would on any other day of the week, making sure that both sets of lashes are well covered.
  • 8. This next point may raise a few eyebrows, pardon the pun. You will require some sort of blusher, with many using the same type that they use for their cheeks. This blusher should be run in the crease liens around the eye and this helps to emphasise the smoky effect by blending all of the parts of the eye together. Additionally, it provides the region with more depth.
  • 9. The blush should also be used to treat the very top of the cheeks. The experts suggest that Gemma Kidd Face Dewy Glow will work the best for the smoky effect and you merely have to run the product along the brow bone and down onto the cheek.
  • 10. Lastly, you will need to get your hands on some brow wiz. Many people use Anastasia Brow Wiz Medium Ash for this, with the aim being to provide the prows with more shape. Performing this task is exceptionally easy and will simply involve you running the product over the brows.

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