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Shapewear & Body Shapers for Women | beautybend
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Shapewear & Body Shapers for Women

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Having that magazine-esque body is the absolute dream for most women, but in reality it’s completely unrealistic. For all the desire to possess that sculpted torso, killer hips and chest to make a guy drool, taking to the gym seven days a week is just completely out of the question.

body shapers and shapewear for women

Once upon a time, all of the above features could only be fine-tuned by daily trips to the gym. We’re not talking about the odd thirty minute workout either, for a woman to be truly satisfied with their body they had to eat, sleep and breathe those gym workouts. All of that has now changed.

Before you start to roll your eyes, we’re not going to start talking about a revolutionary diet pill. Instead, this article is going to concentrate on something a lot simpler – shapewear and compression clothing.

It’s something that adapts to a woman’s body and ultimately aligns your spine, provides support in all the right places but most importantly, at least in the eyes of most people, is the way it defines all of the right areas.

shapewear and body shapers

It makes those breasts look significantly bigger than they really are, while your torso, bum and all of the other important areas are fine-tuned to perfection.

As well as the definition, the clothes somehow manage to reduce that waistline. It’s been known for some women to “lose” up to three inches from their waist – which is much more effective than any type of diet pill.

While the physical benefits certainly sound utterly charming, it’s the psychological advantages that a lot of females can’t resist.

The thought of walking down the street with full confidence in their body image is something that was again once thought of as impossible. Now, through compression clothes, it could happen tomorrow.


Here are six of the most popular types of garments that can be purchased in this range for women. This selection is from a premium British brand, Pelham and Strutt, designed in collaboration with top UK Physiotherapist Judith Pitt-Brooke, Member of the Health Professions Council and chartered Physiotherapist.

Pelham and Strutt ships worldwide.

pelham and strutt


Core Body Shaper

Body Shaper - with arrows(2)

With the core body shape garment targeting the posture, tummy and bum, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular in the range.

It improves the three regions that women have the most self-esteem problems with and can create those smooth hips and that perfectly rounded bum in an instant. Perhaps more importantly for some women, the waistline is also targeted and as we’ve already speculated, it has been known for inches to be knocked off some women in the past.

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Shaping Vest

Shaping Vest - with arrows

The vest is very similar to the previous product, with the only difference being that it only targets the tummy, waistline and hips.

The design of the garment means that it emphasises better posture and as countless studies in the past have already demonstrated, this is something that can immediately increase your confidence.

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Shaping Dress


First and foremost, the dress isn’t something that you’ll be seen donning on your next dinner date. Instead, it’s more of an under-dress – but something that can ultimately make your “primary” dress look even better on your body.

The purpose of this dress is to smooth out the rest of your curves and emphasise the best parts from your body.

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Shaper Brief

Shaper Brief - with arrows

If we progress to the lower region of the body, it’s also possible to purchase compression briefs. As you may have gathered, this is a garment which emphasises the hips and bum, whilst also “slimming” the bottom portion of the tummy. Seeing as it will only slip over your pants, the fact that it tackles three separate areas is hugely impressive.

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High Waist Shaping Shorts

High Waist Shaping Short - with arrows

It would be fair to say that the high waist shorts are not quite as discreet as the briefs, with these covering the majority of the lower portion of the body.

Nevertheless, this additional coverage is only beneficial and means that even more of your body appears in the sculpted way that we all crave. It primarily targets your bum and thighs, whilst also knocking the inches from your tummy. For anyone who has some serious esteem issues with the lower half of their body, this is an absolute godsend.

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Bum & Tum Shaping Tights


The official name for this garment is “bum and tum shaping tights” and as such, you’ll understand exactly what areas they target. They stretch slightly higher than the shorts that were just reviewed, meaning that they can be particularly effective for those women who want to make their torso appear that little bit thinner.

This is another product that enhances posture, and ultimately confidence, while its anti-slip properties means that you won’t have to constantly worry about manoeuvring the garment throughout the day.

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