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Orange Peel-Busting Treatment For Cellulite – Dr. Georgios’ Cellulite Cream Alternatives

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With an estimated 90% of women suffering from cellulite, we wouldn’t be exaggerating when we say that this is one of the most frightening conditions for females.

cellulite treatment daily mail


It’s something that can make stepping out in a bikini absolutely out of the question and as we enter beach-body season, this is one thought that absolutely nobody wants.

Despite how many individuals cellulite affects, this isn’t a condition which is easily treated. Various creams and serums can be bought from the supermarket and even prescribed by the doctor, but the success rates are low and worse still, what works for one woman certainly won’t for another.

In other words, it’s very difficult to prescribe anything that will ‘definitely’ work.

Therefore, the health and beauty industry has been sent into something of a frenzy over recent times after the launch of a revolutionary form of treatment.

A Daily Mail journalist, Lucy Cavendish, put herself through the new procedure and the results have sparked widespread positivity amongst cellulite-sufferers around the land. Let’s take a look at the treatment and exactly what it’s about.


What is the treatment about?

beautiful legs free of cellulite

The treatment has been formed by a surgeon who goes by the nickname of ‘The Dimple Slayer’ (he’s actually called Geogios Tzenichristos). He performs it at his London clinic, named LipoTherapeia.

It’s here where the expensive device that is at the centre of this treatment lives. This electrical system emits high-frequency currents and ultrasound and immediately targets tissue affected by cellulite with high temperatures.

Over time (around six weeks’ worth of treatments to be precise), these fat cells are destroyed. The key benefit to this system is that the device also prompts a release of collagen, which makes your skin reform and return cellulite-free.

The second part of the treatment comes in the form of a topical cream.

The above procedure allows the cream to be absorbed at much faster rates, with this then able to complete the job by reducing inflammation, hydrating and smoothing the affected area of the skin.


What about the topical cream?

cellulite cream

We should probably dedicate a small section to the topical cream, as it does play a big part in the success of this treatment.

‘The Dimple Slayer’ spent twenty years putting together the concoction of ingredients that form this substance, with green tea, horse chestnut, wild mint, coffee extract, vitamin A and vitamin C being just some of the ingredients.

All of these components are natural and have each been found to aid with cellulite in some shape or form.


How likely will the treatment improve your cellulite?

how to tackle cellulite

It might be a relatively young form of treatment, but the omens so far are certainly positive.

As we mentioned earlier, this treatment has been sent to the forefront of the public’s eyes courtesy of the Daily Mail – with their journalist trying things out for herself.

To put things into perspective, she was suffering from the worst degree of cellulite (diagnosed as Level 3 by doctors).

Following six weeks’ worth of treatment, the majority had disappeared and her bikini-wandering confidence was once again back.


What are the downsides?

Georgios Tzenichristos cellulite cream

So far, this certainly seems like a treatment that could do the one thing that women have struggled to do in the past.

Unfortunately, the big obstacle for most of us comes with the price.

The journalist who experienced so much success also shelled out around £2,000. This was comprised of £145 per session, whereby most people need around twelve. Additionally, the cream costs £135 per pot, which is a small fortune again.


Are there any viable alternatives?

In terms of the electrical treatment, it goes without saying that you will always have to pay large amounts of money to be put through such an advanced method of attack on cellulite.

bauer nutrition

Fortunately, there is some rest bite in relation to the cream, with Bauer Nutrition releasing a product which aims to mimic the results.

It’s called LegTone, it’s been put together using a very similar set of ingredients and in short, it should just improve your cellulite no-end. We’ll now take a look at it in detail.


The breakdown on LegTone


  • In simple terms, LegTone is an affordable topical cream based on the substance that we’ve looked at in the opening section to the article. The cream that is used by ‘The Dimple Slayer’ might be out of most of our budgets, but LegTone does the same job for a fraction of the cost.
  • When we talk about this “same job” we mean one thing; it will reduce your cellulite. You’ll experience tighter skin in those affected areas, while they will also be more moist and hydrated.
  • To achieve this, Bauer Nutrition have simply re-invented the wheel. They’ve relied on the tried-and-tested formula that ‘The Dimple Slayer’ uses – taking advantage of natural ingredients such as horse chestnut seed to improve your cellulite beyond belief.
  • While you are not going to see results overnight, it’s worth mentioning that LegTone also works on extremely fast timescales and you will see an improvement in your condition exceptionally quickly.
  • A lot of you have probably tried umpteen other cellulite formulas and had your pocket burned in the process. To protect you against this, the manufacturers behind LegTone have included a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Such a guarantee won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has researched the supplements industry over the years. After all, Bauer Nutrition are one of the biggest fish – they have released countless products and have forged one of the best reputations around.

Official LegTone Website


How does LegTone work?

Little needs to be said here, apart from “see above”. In other words, LegTone has been based on a similar formula to the cream that has caused such a stir in the national press over recent times.

It will tighten, smooth, hydrate and just generally improve your cellulite. Here’s what it relies on to do this:

Horse Chestnut Seed: This is one of the primary ingredients of the “original” product, with horse chestnut seed able to reduce the swelling in your affected areas and stop fluid being retained under the skin.

Guarana Seed Extract: In a bit to prevent as much fat being stored in the areas where cellulite is formed, this ingredient will increase blood flow and help to achieve this.

Wild Yam Root: Again, the principle aim of this component is to prevent your cells from storing fat. Ultimately, not as many toxins will be stored and the appearance of cellulite is reduced again.


Are there any side effects?

This is another similarity between LegTone and the original product. As they are both based on completely natural ingredients, there are no side effects and you can use the cream without any risk to your skin whatsoever.


How much does LegTone cost?

buy legtone

The main drawback of the original cream was the cost, with the price tag of £135 being enough to put off most women out there.

This is where LegTone has stepped in. It’s almost like the manufacturers have leaped on an opportunity, with the product retailing for £39.

It creates an enormous saving when compared to the original and as we’ve looked at already, the ingredients (and subsequent effects on your skin) are comparable.

Buy LegTone Cellulite Cream

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