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The 10 Most Explosive Female Orgasms

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The big ‘O’ is one of the most talked about phrases in the sex industry. Despite this, some women are under the impression that all of the talk is just a pure myth and there really is no such thing as the perfect orgasm.

woman having orgasm

While that might have been argued some years ago, vast studies have been conducted which prove that the orgasm is alive and kicking, and it’s not always correlated with the man’s performance in bed.


Here, we’ll discuss the ten types that every woman could only dream of experiencing at least once in their life.


Clitoral Orgasm

clitoral orgasm

The fact that there are tens of thousands of nerve fibres around the clitoris says everything you need to know about why so many orgasm this way.

When you also realise that there are eighteen different parts to this small feature, it goes without saying that it’s the easiest way for a woman to orgasm.


Vaginal Orgasm

vaginal orgasm

While men may try and make out that they are the ones controlling the orgasms, a lot of the time it’s just biology that dictates whether or not you can experience one. In the case of the vaginal orgasm, this can only occur amongst those women who have a short distance between the clitoris and urethral meatus.

It’s thought that only a quarter of the population are ‘built’ in this way but never fear, there are products like Vigorelle which can make you join this group.


G-spot Orgasm

g-spot orgasm

Remember we mentioned the ‘O’ word in the start of this article? Now we’re going to mention another famous term, the ‘G’ word. The G-spot is again regularly discussed, but few actually realise what it is.

As hard as it may sound, the phrase was termed after a doctor, and it basically describes the frontal region of the vagina.

If we were to be even more specific, it is the area between the pubic bone and cervix. It’s hugely sensitive and this means that it can even make some women ejaculate.


A-spot Orgasm

a=spot orgasm

Something that’s a little less popular, so to speak, is the A-spot orgasm. If you’re looking for a guide on how to experience this, the stimulation of around 7-10cm of the frontal part of the vagina should suffice.


Breast Orgasm

breast orgasm

This might sound unbelievable for those women who do struggle to orgasm, but studies have shown that some are able to experience the big ‘O’ through stimulation of the breasts.

Little more needs to be said about how this can be achieved, although it goes without saying that most women struggle to go down this route.

Again, products can help aid the situation though, with Brestogen being a popular one for starters.


Oral Orgasm

oral orgasm

If you thought the breast orgasm was unbelievable, we’ve no idea what you’ll make of this next type. Some women are incredibly able to experience the sensation in their mouth area.

Even though it’s hardly regarded as a sexual organ, some have extremely sensitive mouths which mean that it’s possible to reach that climaxing stage in an act as innocent as kissing.

Of course, the chances of it occurring do intensify for stronger activities such as oral sex, with the situation dependent on just how sensitive your mouth really is.


Skin Orgasm

skin orgasm

If your jaw hasn’t hit the floor yet, we’ll get even more obsolete in the form of the skin orgasm. Anything from a massage or a facial can worryingly promote the big ‘O’, although again this is only known to occur in a minority of people.


Mental Orgasm

mental orgasm

The last few orgasms may have knocked you for six, but this next one will probably impact you even more.

Some women are able to experience an orgasm by something as ridiculous as watching a movie. Admittedly, the mental orgasm usually only occurs whilst concentrating on sexual activities – whether this is watching other people engage in intercourse or perhaps watching an X-rated film. Still, it does exist – even without any touching.


Deep Spot Orgasm

deep spot orgasm

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the deep spot orgasm. As the name suggests, this is all about stimulating the back wall of the vagina just before the cervix. Little else needs to be said; fortunately, it’s one of the easiest ones to put into words!


U-spot Orgasm

u-spot orgasm

By this stage, you’re probably asking whether there is an A-Z of orgasms. This next type is based on another letter, although why this is the case we’re not too sure.

The U-spot orgasm can occur by stimulating both sides of the urethra opening. However, this is a bit of a difficult art to master, and there’s only a small piece of tissue to aim at. Our only assumption behind the name is that this miniscule tissue is formed like a U-shape.



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