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Most slimming pills and slimming aid supplements only tackle excess weight in one of a wide variety of ways, of these many are appetite suppressants but do little to tackle other underlying causes of excess weight and weight gain.

meratol review

Other supplements only tackle instant weight loss but don’t tackle helping you balance your calorie intake and calories burned by helping you change your activity levels long term, which is the only way to become truly healthy.


The Breakdown on Meratol

  •  If you are struggling with general sluggishness and you are putting on weight as a result Meratol will give your entire system a boost.
  •  Meratol boosts your metabolism so you burn energy much more quickly
  •  A faster metabolism will give you more energy, improve concentration and reduce fatigue
  •  Exercising you will find that you have more energy when taking Meratol so you can exercise for longer and push harder without becoming fatigued, you also will find you still have plenty of energy after exercise making exercise before work a reality.
  •  You should also find that your body turns fat into energy more quickly so that you can exercise hard but still not feel any more hungry afterwards
  •  The natural ingredients used include Capsicum extract form chilies, prickly pear, brown algae and caffeine.


Meratol Cons

  •  This product may not be suitable for those who are sensitive to caffeine
  •  You will need to be careful not to increase what you eat to match the extra calories you burn if you want to lose weight as it is important you are burning more calories than you are using
  •  Meratol is not suitable for vegetarians as there is Gelatine in the capsules
  •  If you are pregnant or have heart disease you should consult your GP first and Meratol may not be suitable.


How does Meratol work?

Capsicum is the component of Chili peppers that make them hot, a spicy curry is known to help you lose weight and that is because the Capsicum extract boosts your metabolism.

The Prickly Pear is something you won ‘t find in many other supplements apart from those aimed specifically at tackling water retention. Water retention is a problem for some people, especially women, and it can make you feel bloated and sluggish Meratol is the only Slimming supplement we have come across to tackle this problem.


ingredients in meratol

Brown Algae is a natural ingredient found to aid the reduction of fat deposits by making them more easily turned into energy: this is a big part of why you will be able to keep going with a work out for longer as your body can keep delivering calories from your fat at the rate you need them.

Caffeine itself has been shown to boost what you get out of your exercise; many athletes use caffeine prior to events and it instantly boosts your metabolism, as well as alertness and even performance if you are playing competitive sports.

These four ingredients then work together to give your body an overall boost and improve your energy levels so you can potentially do more and burn more calories: as a result as well as losing weight you should also feel generally healthier with improved well-being.


Will it work for you?

It should do but it is up to you to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, your body may increase its metabolism but it still needs the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. At the same time junk food and food high in sugar and fat may have the reverse of the effect you want.

If your weight is currently stable then eating the same should see you lose weight, you shouldn’t increase your intake of calories though and may need to cut them still if you have been suffering from excessive eating.

With the extra energy you have you may feel more inclined to do exercise and it may be that your day to day life will become more active as well, walking rather than taking the bus for example, but it will still come down to you to make these changes and make sure you do find time for exercise.


Does it have side effects?

Not unless you have sensitive to caffeine, some people find that because they are being more active they have an increased appetite and it is important that you carefully manage what you eat as a result.


Meratol Review summary

Meratol is a natural product designed to work with your body; everyone’s metabolism is different and can change with time, especially if you have got out of the habit of regular exercise.

A slow metabolism can make it very difficult to lose weight and become more active and the main thing Meratol does is to change this. If you are looking to lose weight through changing to a more active lifestyle Meratol should be ideal for you.

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