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What Do Men Think About Breast Implant Surgery? How to Increase Your Breast Size Naturally

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While we don’t have any statistics to hand, it seems that an increasing number of women are not satisfied with their breasts – and are becoming more and more intrigued by breast implant surgery.

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However, while their curiosity might be getting the better of them, few people ask the question on whether or not men are fans of this procedure.

While some women will rightfully invest in such a treatment for their own personal satisfaction and body image, others automatically think that they are going to become the envy of all men because of their new cup size.

Bearing the above in mind, we’ll now take an in-depth look on what men really think of the famous breast implant surgery and whether it really does help a woman become more attractive.

We should probably put out a warning at this point; you might be surprised at the results!


Do Men Like Big Breasts?

The obvious starting point is to ask whether or not men like big breasts. The general consensus is that the answer to this question is obvious and the majority of males will base a lot of their dating decisions on the cup size of a prospective partner.

However, let’s view the situation in slightly more detail.

In 2010, AskMen conducted a survey of their readers which sought to find out just what men really found desirable about the opposite sex. The fact that only 24% of readers said that they didn’t care about breast size says everything you need to know about the general view, while 46% suggested that the ideal woman would have a C-cup breast size.

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Of course, there are plenty of other factors that determine the attractiveness from a male perspective. Their overall appearance naturally comes into play, while self-confidence is also a desirable attribute – although this can come in numerous forms. The way a woman dresses, smells and even forms her makeup can all make a difference and give that confident aura.

However, on the whole, the “big breast factor” is significant and is widely considered.


How Do Men View Implant Surgery & Fake Breasts?

Following on from the above, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to read that a lot of women are attempting to increase the size of their breasts via surgical means. The breast implant is the most common procedure, although again we should perhaps take a look at just how men perceive this treatment before encouraging you to proceed with it.

The answer to this question is probably not quite as straightforward as you would necessarily think.

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The general consensus for men is that “bigger is better”. While this is unquestionably true to an extent, and those breast implants can look perfect from a distance, if we delve into the subject matter a little more intensely there are other issues to contend with.

The feeling of implants is probably the biggest of these issues.

Some people have likened the inside of implants to a scrunched up washcloth – and this in itself highlights that they certainly don’t provide that natural feeling that entices so many men. Therefore, while there might be admiration from a distance, when it comes to the crunch and the man realises that a woman has actually experienced a breast augmentation, the effect is somewhat lost. In other words, what’s inside does matter.

There is also the small issue of those “botched” breast implant procedures. While we may just have talked about “views from a distance”, and how great some implants can look from afar – there are also those which look horrific from whatever angle you look from.

Unfortunately, a decent breast augmentation costs considerable sums of money and a lot of women just don’t have such cash lying around. It means, when it comes to operation time, they’re left with breasts that are flipped up, while the skin is stretched. It’s at this point that the man doesn’t even want to feel what’s inside the breasts, they’ve been scared off already.

Of course, the market for breast implants wouldn’t have become so strong without a lot of satisfied customers.

Most women will receive an instant boost in confidence, amongst a whole host of other benefits. The point we’re trying to make is that they’re not completely awash with glory and there are a surprisingly high number of men out there who just don’t understand the appeal of the procedure.


Is it Possible to Make Your Breasts Bigger Without Implants?

increase breast size naturally

Surgery is of course not the be all and end all of making your breasts look bigger.

There are far simpler approaches, that don’t involve you going anywhere near a surgical scalpel. For example, merely keeping a decent posture will immediately make your breasts look perkier.


Another tip just revolves around your dress sense and if you can place preference on those garments which have a detailed neckline, it will make a considerable difference to the apparent size of your breasts.

hiding breasts

Something that falls in-between the day-to-day tips and surgery are breast serums. The fact that they are much cheaper than going under the knife and don’t have any of those nasty side effects immediately makes them appealing to a lot of women.

While it can take over a month for the results to become apparent, the non-intrusive nature of them is making them a very popular alternative.

One example of such a product is Brestogen. This serum contains a whole concoction of herbal ingredients that ultimately target the breast tissue and eventually lengthen the ducts around the nipple. Some women have already commented that they have increased a cup size after sampling the product for just a few weeks, while others have increased the size of their breasts by even more after prolonged use.

brestrogen review

Admittedly, serums are not going to be for everyone. However, with so much bad press surrounding the breast implant industry, it could at least prove to be an option for those women who don’t want to experience the pain and risks that are associated with augmentations.

Learn more about Brestrogen over here

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