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Laser Acne Treatments | beautybend
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Laser Acne Treatments

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There are many treatments available for acne, but what is the best treatment for the truly severe, continuous outbreak? Here is an overview of the different therapies available for the person who struggles with disfiguring skin problems


Laser treatments are a sort of last resort for people with skin issues. It’s time consuming, expensive, and as it’s a new form of therapy, physicians are unsure about the long-term effects of the therapy. Most insurance plans won’t coverthese treatments, and the cost can be quite high.

First,there is blue light therapy. This form of acne treatment is painless, and it’s generally completed through a series of sessions. It’s used in treatment for P. acnes, and due to the rapid multiplication of these, it is recommend that the treatment be ongoing for best results.

There are side-effects, such as temporary redness and dryness in the areas that were treated, but these are pretty minor.

Diode laser therapy is commonly used to break up sebaceous glands located in the dermis without causing harm to the outer skin layer.

This therapy is considered to be more painful than the blue light therapy, but the pain is contained with the application of analgesic cream to the affected area before the treatment. Like the other therapy, the side-effects are minimal–temporary redness or swelling can be seen on the area that was treated.

Pulsed light and heat energy therapy is used to treat the P. acnes as well. It shrinks the sebaceous glands, which causes a decrease in oil production. It’s painless, and the sole side-effect is a temporary redness in the affected area.

Photodynamic therapy is a combination of medication and light-based therapy. A photosensitizing agent, which is a form of medication, is put on the skin to increase the efficacy of the light therapy. However, this therapy has the most severe side-effects, including swelling, crusting, acne flare-ups, and redness.

Photopneumatic therapy is another form of therapy that targets P. acnes. It uses vacuum suction to eliminate oil and dead skin cells from inside the sebaceous glands. It’s not a painful procedure, and the side-effects are very minimal. Temporary redness is common in the site that was under treatment.

These treatments are now readily available, but they should be used only when the patient in question doesn’t respond to any sort of traditional treatment. Medication and cleansers should be explored thoroughly before the patient attempts one of these extreme emergent therapies.

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By Jean Miles | in Skin Care

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