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Jac Vapour E-Cigs – How to Quit Smoking Using Electronic Cigarettes For Women

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If you’re a woman, we have some bad news. Unfortunately, scientific research has already confirmed that females experience much more difficulty in giving up smoking than men.

quit smoking with e=cigs

A lot of this is related to the psychological issues of smoking and while men only have to shake off the nicotine addiction, it has been found that women struggle to give up on the social benefits that often accompany it.

Of course, it’s by no means impossible and the fact that millions of women successfully give up shows that it can be done – and you can be part of this group. It doesn’t have to be over-complicated either and there is lots of evidence to suggest that the following tips can help you ditch the cigarettes for good.


Tips to Quit Smoking

Timing is Everything

Pocket watch with timing sign

While men can opt to drop the cigarette at any point of their lives, the same isn’t necessarily the case for females. Scientific studies have proven that your period can influence how successful your attempts are and if you can try and kick the habit towards the end of your period, you’ll have a much easier time of it.

Everyone knows how PMS can affect our moods and some of us may experience that depressed sensation as soon as that time of the month arrives. It can also promote withdrawal symptoms and suffice to say, both of these can lower the chances of successfully giving up smoking.

You won’t feel as inclined to push through with your plans and you should therefore be looking to start around two weeks before or after your period.


Don’t Combine Quitting and Dieting

combine quitting smoking and diet

The reasons for this next tip are somewhat similar to the previous one. We all know how difficult it is to shed the pounds and when this is then combined with trying to quit smoking, the task becomes almost impossible.

In fact, you’ll probably fail on both fronts – and you simply won’t be able to dedicate your body to either goal.

This leads onto another issue; weight gain. Unfortunately, this is something that you’ll most probably have to live with and studies have suggested that you will put on as many as five pounds as you attempt to quit.

Usually, this is because of all of the comfort eating that arises as you try and kick the habit – but rest assured that it’s temporary, and try and live with the situation with these thoughts in your mind.


Consider a Support Group, or a Friend


General research into female tendencies has shown that they usually excel at something with the support of someone, whether it be a friend of an external influence.

It’s for this reason that any attempt to quit smoking should be done with the assistance of someone else. When the going gets tough, you’ll need someone to keep you sane and keep you on track, rather than be tempted to keep picking up that box of cigarettes you “forgot” to put in the bin.


Kick The Habit With Electronic Cigarettes

Sticking to the standard set of rules isn’t the only advice you can follow. As all of the marketing hype over the last few years will have told you, the emergence of e-cigarettes is ideal for any smoker who is looking for an alternative to “soften the blow”.

As the name suggests, these are an electronic version of the “real McCoy” and ultimately make life a lot more convenient for smokers. The chemical levels are adjusted to make them healthier, while there’s no need to keep hitting the shops for that morning packet as they generally last for prolonged periods of time.

If we were to turn to a specific product, Jac Vapour has hit the market with rave reviews. To see if this is something that can help you kick the habit – here’s a lowdown on the pros and cons.

jac vapour

woman jac vapour 1

woman jac vapour 2

woman jac vapour 3

The Breakdown on Jac Vapour

  • E-cigarettes are popular for a reason; they’re less harmful to your health. As such, by smoking Jac Vapour you will be doing your body the world of good and potentially extending your lifespan.
  • Jac Vapour supplies numerous flavours to buyers; with the popular ones including cappuccino, vanilla and menthol. It means that smoking will immediately become a new experience, while it will also minimise that nasty smelling breath that traditional cigarettes prompt.
  • It’s given that some women will find it more difficult to quit smoking than others, but the varying strengths of Nicotine should aid their attempts. Some of the Jac Vapour ranges don’t contain any of the substance, while others have minimal amounts which are ideal if you want to slowly ease your body away from smoking and make the process a little more comfortable to deal with.
  • Rather than throwing away each and every cigarette you smoke, the battery within Jac Vapour products allow you to smoke with hours before recharging. It means you’ll save the pennies, as well as your health.
  • The cigarettes are seen as something of a premium way to smoke, simply because they arrive in various designs, housed in a specialist case. It means that the whole experience isn’t just healthier and cheaper, but it’s the fashionable thing to do at the current time.


Jac Vapour Cons

  • The e-cigarettes are more expensive to buy initially, even if you will save money in the long-run due to their longevity.


Read JacVapour Customer Reviews


Visit The Official Jac Vapour Website

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