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How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer | beautybend
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How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer

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One of the first, and lasting, impressions we notice when meeting a person is their eyes. Most agree beautiful eyes can be described as large, doe-like or sultry with long lashes. Many products are made to create the illusion of long eyelashes for those who have short, brittle or sparse eyelashes.

long eyelashes

One make up product is eyeliners. Made of powder or liquid, eyeliners are applied on the upper and lower lids. Known as the “Cleopatra” look, eyeliner can be a bit difficult and requires a steady hand.


For those who wear eyeglasses, application of eyeliner can be almost impossible. Tattooing has become available, to line the eyes with color. Permanent, this procedure can be expensive.


Another product is fake eyelashes. Since their invention in the early 1900’s, fake eyelashes come in a variety of materials and quality; synthetic for $10.00 to horsehair or human hair for several hundred dollars.

fake eyelashes

To apply, eyelashes are glued to the top and bottom of the eyes. More expensive and labor-intensive fake eyelashes can be applied at beauty salons. Fake eyelashes actually damage existing lashes that are pulled out once the fake eyelashes fall out or are removed after use.

While these products can give the illusion of longer eyelashes, they do not correct the issue of sparse or brittle lashes. Daily re-application of makeup and eyeliners can frequently lead to eye irritation and can cause eye infections.


A product that actually corrects, rather than hides, sparse or brittle lashes is the innovative Eye Lash Accelerator.

Clinically tested and brought to you from Eye SecretsEye Lash Accelerator is not a mascara, eyeliner or fake eyelashes.

It is a gentle growth stimulator that is proven to grow longer and fuller eyelashes. Your longer eyelashes will further benefit from the conditioner also contained in the Eye Lash Accelerator.

eye secrets lash accelerator

Easy to use, Eye Lash Accelerator is applied before bedtime. Eye Lash Accelerator stimulates and conditions the eyelashes to grow, filling in sparse areas and strengthening brittle lashes. Within three weeks, your eyelashes are longer, thicker and more beautiful. Even thin or uneven eyebrows can also benefit from the easy application of Purified Eye Lash Accelerator.

Caught in the rain wearing concealing eye makeup can cause your face to run. Eye Lash Accelerator allows you to look natural at any time.

One of the most popular looks in fashion is the “tousled” look – lightly applied makeup and base in natural tones, and slightly tousled hair. Eye Lash Accelerator, providing you with such long and lush lashes, can give you any look you want. From tousled to smoky and sultry, your longer eyelashes will frame your face and cause heads to turn!

Read more about Eye Secrets Lash Accelerator or buy it from the Official Website.


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