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Home Remedies Used To Break Down Cellulite

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In comparison to the male species, some would say that women are quite unfortunate when it comes to all of the frustrating conditions they suffer with. Unquestionably, cellulite is one that falls into this category and any woman, no matter how high-profile they are, will do anything they can to shield their problem and keep it from being unveiled to others.

how to get rid of cellulite

As is the case with so many conditions out there, cellulite has attracted mass interest from companies who are looking to cash in on the problem and release solutions that supposedly relieve the issue.

While some of these answers work for a lot of women out there, a lot of the time they are expensive and this is one of the reasons why many female celebrities don’t appear to have any cellulite problems, as they are able to mask their issues via the use of these expensive products.

Bearing the above in mind, more and more people are starting to turn to the home remedy route.

While this is a choice that is always hotly debated, with options having varied success rates for all women out there, the convenience and cost of some alternatives means that it could well be an avenue that works for you. Moreover, due to the amount of research in the field, there are countless home remedies out there and this means that just like commercial treatment options, if one doesn’t work you can always try and cure the problem with another.


Tips to Reduce Cellulite

Firstly, before getting into the detailed information about all of the home remedies out there, simple methods that help you reduce cellulite should be analysed. All of these methods can easily be performed at home, without the need of any expensive cream or pill, meaning that there really is no excuse for failing to maintain your body in this way and it will make your cellulite problem easier to address in the future should it require attention.

perfect your diet to get rid of cellulite


Perfect Your Diet

Anybody who has conducted research into cellulite will know that one of the big reasons behind the problem is a poor diet. Therefore, it’s crucial to fill your body with all the correct ingredients, with essential fatty acids being one of the primary components that falls into this category. Essential fatty acids work hard to keep the fat cells as rigid as possible and this reduces that dreaded dimple effect that is associated with cellulite.

Fortunately, it is very easy to include such components in your regular diet, with various types of oil such as olive, walnut and fish all containing such acids and therefore providing your body with the correct ingredients to deal with the condition.

A high protein diet is also advised. There are a whole host of reasons behind cellulite, with water retention being yet another. Therefore, with protein containing albumin, it is possible to absorb such fluid and rectify the problem somewhat. Most people have a firm understanding of protein foods, but for those that are unsure fish, beans and poultry are always good options.


Drink Plenty of Water

Even though water retention can be a problem behind cellulite, don’t let this trick you into thinking that you shouldn’t be consuming much water. Instead, make sure you have slightly more than you normally do, as this allows sodium to be flushed out of your body which is one of the prime causes behind the body retaining fluids as mentioned previously.


Perform Regular Exercise

Most people understand that the risks of cellulite occurring are less so in slim people. Therefore, do everything you can to keep your weight down, with exercise usually the issue that can help you in this regard.


Keep Yourself as Relaxed as Possible

While some of the above tips might be common knowledge for anyone who has conducted the slightest bit of research into cellulite, many don’t realise that keeping your body as relaxed as possible is another excellent way. By not causing unnecessary stress, you won’t be hit by the influx of hormones that hinder the skin. Specifically, cortisol is the hormone in question, with this increasing the capacity for fat in the body as well as causing the skin to thin.

Therefore, by keeping your life as stress free as possible, you will be reducing the potential for this hormone to occur and therefore reducing your risk of cellulite.

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Home Treatment Methods for Cellulite

While the above are all good preventative home measures for cellulite, those that have developed the problem to a more severe extent may consider home remedies. These can arrive in various forms, with some of the most popular detailed below:


Herbal Body Wrap

When it comes to home medicine, herbs are quite often the answer to everything. Therefore, one should not be surprised to see that a herbal body wrap is one of the popular ways to improve one’s cellulite. Generally, the wrap is made of simple ingredients with a cup of corn oil, thyme and 1/2 a cup of grapefruit juice being the preferred components.

Herbal Body Wrap to eliminate cellulite

Once it has been made, gently massage it into the areas which have been affected by the cellulite, before covering these zones with the plastic wrap.


Coffee Body Wrap

Another form of homemade wrap is the coffee body wrap. Again, this is very simple to make and you will simply collect coffee granules and place them on the areas of your body which have been affected. From this point, you will wrap the region with seaweed and cover with the standard foil that is associated with body wraps. After leaving the wrap to fester for half an hour or so, finish the treatment by massaging the area and rinsing away all of the ingredients with water.

coffee Body Wrap cellulite home remedy


Apple Cider Vinegar

Anybody who has taken any interest in the health and home remedies industry over recent years will have noted the growth of the apple cider vinegar treatment. Apple cider vinegar is quickly becoming the global solution for all problems, with the concoction recommended by many therapists for a whole host of different issues.

Cellulite is one of these issues and it is said that the vinegar will positively affect the appearance of the condition. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and after acquiring the apple cider vinegar, you merely have to incorporate two tablespoons of the substance into your diet every morning.

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Similarly to above with apple cider vinegar, aromatherapy is being used incredibly widely to treat many different conditions. Many are now starting to suggest the treatment for cellulite, which could appear to be quite a worthwhile solution considering it will be allowing your body direct contact with vital vitamins and minerals.

In comparison to other home remedies, it could be said that aromatherapy is one of the nicer treatments as well. To treat your cellulite, run a bath and add around two mugs of sea salt, with six drops of essential oil. Once you have entered the bath, start to gently massage the affected areas of your body and let the oils and water do the work.


Brush Your Skin

One of the simplest home remedy forms is dry skin brushing. While this may seem too obvious to some, this form of treatment does everything that is required to attempt to dissuade cellulite from appearing on your body.

It is worth mentioning that the action involved in dry skin brushing revolves around brushing your whole body – not just the affected areas. Start with your feet, with an upwards motion, and slowly work your way up your body. The purpose is to increase the blood circulation, which should subsequently improve the general appearance of your skin.


Seaweed Bath

This is probably one of the more exotic solutions although for those that have the time, a seaweed bath could be a very relaxing way to aid your cellulite. Little needs to be described about the concept; you are merely adding seaweed in addition to the hot water you normally bathe in.

seaweed bath

Just like many of the solutions already looked at, the purpose of a seaweed bath is to improve your blood circulation. However, as well as this, seaweed contains many detoxing agents and these will help to soften your skin as well as provide it with all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, you will be attacking the problem from various angles via a seaweed bath.


A Summary on Treating Cellulite via Home Remedies

With some statistics indicating that 95% of women will be affected by cellulite at one point in their life, it’s no surprise to see that home remedies are becoming more and more popular.


Whilst it sometimes might be tempting to opt for a commercial solution, few people will argue that many of the above methods will be much better for your body and provide it with all the good to break down the problem. Moreover, rather than merely taking a pill, you will at least start to feel the effects of many of the above solutions immediately and perhaps feel better about yourself at the same time.

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