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Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under The Eyes | beautybend
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Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under The Eyes

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When it comes to beauty, we have all tried some crazy things in the privacy of our own homes. Putting raw eggs into our hair, even oiling our fingernails; Why? Home remedies can save money, and use things we already have around the house.

Almost all of us have tried to fix dark circles under our eyes. Maybe from a long weekend, not enough sleep – whatever the cause, they make us look tired, worried and even ill. There are several home remedies that people are anxious to share.

An interesting, and edible, solution is to make a paste from tomato and lemon juices with flour. You are to place this reddish paste under your eyes and leave it there for ten minutes. The problem with this edible solution – lemon juice is NOT good anywhere near your eyes. Need I say more?

tomato lemon juice for under eyes dark circles

Another home remedy is the use of hemorrhoid crème. It has been used under the eyes by models and actors to temporarily combat dark circles. While the crème does reduce puffiness for a bit, it does not lighten dark circles. The crème is also very irritating.

Experimenting with makeup can cover dark circles temporarily. The experts say to use ‘reflective’ concealer that somehow ‘bounces the light off.’ I don’t know about this suggestion. No one wants their face to glow during a date.

While it can be amusing to try home remedies, there comes a time when the counter must be washed off, and the tomatoes put away. If those dark circles are bothering you, why don’t you just do something about them? No gimmicks, just a product that is clinically proven yet gentle.

Eye Secrets Collagen and Q10 doesn’t need any hype or fancy advertisements. Simply stated, it just works. Collagen and Q10 bring you your wish list –, to reduce the look of your under eye circlesreduce under eye puffiness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. By creating an environment conducive to rejuvenation, your skin will begin the process of renewal.

no dark circles under your eyes !

 Your skin will appear more radiant and smooth, giving you a fresh and rested look. Along with formulated ingredients that revitalize your skin, Collagen and Q-10 will flood these areas with needed moisture, nourishing and protecting the sensitive areas around your eyes.

The look of dark circles under your eyes will be reduced. The skin around will be supple and smooth. You will look rested, vibrant and healthy.

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