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7 Ways to Get Beautiful Hair in Your Sleep

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“Bed head” is something that affects even the best of us – that image of waking up in the morning and seeing your hair literally flopping all over the place.

It takes an age to resolve and for a long time, we’ve just accepted this as a fact of life.

beautiful hair

However, some people don’t suffer from this and actually awaken to hair that they can jump right onto the street with. There’s no frizzy mess, no lumpy bits – it just looks like they’ve spent hours perfecting it.

Of course, the above does involve at least some work on your part. Just like many of us spend forever in front of the mirror, ploughing on umpteen skin care treatments before we go to bed, the same needs to occur with hair products.

In other words, treat your hair appropriately the night before – and benefit in the morning. Here are seven ways to achieve this.


Boost Your Volume

volume hair

One of the biggest tasks for most of us as we roll out of bed is transforming that head of limpness, right the way to pure volume. It’s here where the previous night’s preparations work a charm.

Rather than blighting your lie-in with your prep work, get to work the evening before. Wash it thoroughly as normal, but then apply a form of styling product that is designed to enhance volume.


The next set of instructions might sound as though they border on the ridiculous, but you’ll be amazed at the difference. Once your hair has dried until its damp, start to create and secure tiny sections of it with braids.

It means you’ll wake up with braids but when you do remove them, and run your fingers through, you’ll be providing texture that you’ve never experienced in the past. Gone are the days of frizz.


From Frizzy to Free

silk hair not frizzy

On the subject of frizz, an even better way to beat the dreaded issue is to just apply leave-in conditioner through your hair the previous evening.

Gently run a comb through it to enhance the effect, before wrapping it all into a bun before you hit the pillow.

In the morning, you’ll thank us for this tip.


Two Words Celebrities Can’t Live Without: Argan Oil

argan oil

If there’s anything half-decent in the beauty world, celebrities are on it like a flash. This has certainly occurred with Argan oil, with this hair treatment transforming the dry and damaged head to one which is full of silky nourishment.

At this point, it should go without saying that if your hair is made up of silky strands – you’ve immediately reduced the risk of those dreaded tangles.


Waking up with this hair hardly involves a strenuous set of instructions either. Simply combing through an Argan oil product, such as Skinception Argan Oil, and wrapping your head in a scarf can nail the technique down to a tee.

On the topic of that specific product, this is one of the few out there which we would genuinely recommend for anyone wanting to beat the morning blues.

Even though it has forged most of its reputation through its fantastic skin moisturizing and nail strengthening qualities, a lot of people have applied it to their hair for the simple reason that it just emphasises radiance when you wake up in the morning.

Learn more about Skinception Argan Oil 


Tie it Up!

tie up hair

A lot of us will consciously sleep with our hair down, but this will almost certainly prompt those disorganised knots and tangles. Instead, just tie it all up – it relieves all of the stress that occurs from tossing and turning.


Buns Should Always be on The Menu (But Only if They Are Loose)

hdhb buns

As we all know, heat and hair just don’t go together – even though it’s a combination we all attempt on a day-to-day basis.

Therefore, once you have washed your hair, towel dry it before styling it in a high, loose bun. Instead of waking up to dry clumps, you’ll be gifted with locks that are loose, wavy and just generally great looking.


You can even go one step further with this, through the help of heated buns. While these are quite a new concept on the market, products such as HDHB – short for hot donut hair bun – are making it just so much easier to get those wavy locks.

hdhb lose hair buns

Most women will consciously tie their hair up for their day job, only to let it down when the clock hits 5. Rather than letting it down to a clumpy mess, the heat from these products means that your hair is gradually treated in style.

Your locks are gradually subjected to higher temperatures through the day, which means that you don’t suffer the damage that renowned styling tools prompt but you still get the fantastic-looking end results.

Learn more about HDHB Hair Buns 


There’s a Reason Why Dry Shampoo is Flying Off The Shelves

dry shampoo

Ask any woman what their favourite hair product is and you will almost always be met with a “dry shampoo” answer.

Unheard of several years ago, these types of shampoo are now on the tip of everybody’s tongue and it’s for good reason.

If you have oily hair, spraying this over the night before won’t just eradicate this, but also provide instant volume. Did we also mention that it just smells great as well?

Check out Dry Shampoos at Amazon 


The Easiest (And Most Relaxing) Tip of The Lot

hair fingertips

Some of the tips we have ciphered through might be extensive, but at this point we should add that they are completely worth it when you roll out of bed.

Something that isn’t going to eat into your hours on a night time is this next tip, which just revolves a few finger movements.

Manoeuvring your fingers around your scalp, specifically concentrating on the fingertips, can promote increased blood flow which carries a whole host of side-benefits.

For one, you’ll promote healthy growth patterns, while this will also disperse your natural oils around your hair to feed it accordingly.

After a while, you’ll become a natural. Just think of those “head massages” which become part of the hair washing ritual when you go to the hairdressers – you can become that good if you practice this tip long enough.

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