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3 Clothing Items Every Labrador Owner Should Have – Labrador Products Selection

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It would be fair to say that the Labrador is the definition of the perfect dog for most people.

While initially, like any puppy, they can be quite boisterous – in full adulthood they grow to be one of the most loving and caring breeds in the world.

woman with labrador

It’s probably because of the last sentence that they also happen to be one of the most popular as well, with tens of millions of people owning one.

As we all know, when it comes to pets – there’s no limits for a lot of owners. They’ll do absolutely anything for their canine friend and bearing this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to read that Labradors have become something of a fashion statement in some quarters.

Companies have released countless products based on the breed and because of the genuine love there is for Labradors, these items are just lapped up.


The Community

When we talk about these companies who have released such products, there’s no doubt that is one of the primary ones.

However, as well as being a shop, this is a community – a huge one, in fact. There’s over 830,000 likes on Facebook and this isn’t some sort of fabricated number – their page receives a lot of interaction.

Labrador owners across the world are keen to interact with this brand, simply because they have become the go-to source due to their knowledge and understanding of Labradors.

If we quickly turn back to the shop aspect of this company, it could be said that they don’t follow the general rules set by most pet related stores. Instead of focusing upon the pet, the emphasis is placed on the owner.

It means that anything from fashionable, but Labrador-focused, t-shirts to things for your home are all available.


The Three Items

As the title of this piece suggested, we’re about to tell you three items which every Labrador out there must own. We’ve scoured to find these products, and they can be broken down through the next portion of this article.


Item #1 – Sweatshirt

Selection: Crazy Lab Lady Crew Sweatshirt

labrador sweatshort

This first suggestion should just sum up the typical Lab owner out there – well, if you are female anyway.

The sweatshirt just says what most of us think about pet owners – they’re crazy. Of course, in keeping with the quality element of, the imagery and text are particularly catchy.

The image of a Labrador in the center of this sweatshirt just tops it all off and reiterates the fact that on the whole, Labrador owners are just plain wild (but ultimately, fashionable).

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Item #2 – A T-Shirt

Selection: A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World Women’s Tee

labrador tshirt for women

This next item will probably appeal to a somewhat different Labrador owner as it’s not exactly self-deprecating like the previous one.

Instead, this t-shirt is based on a simple quote: “a dog can change the way you see the world”. It’s once again a product that emphasizes the typical dog owner’s views on life yet as you can see, this isn’t just a t-shirt with plain text.

The text has been positioned to give the wording maximum effect, while the Lab outline in the bottom corner of the t-shirt performs a similar job.

Designed in a V-neck and priced at just $23, this is another example of the team at selling a product which doesn’t just pull at the emotions of any dog owner out there, but it does so whilst allowing them to retain a stylish appearance. In our experience, few novelty t-shirts manage this.

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Item #3 – A Hat

Selection: Labrador Embroidered Hats

labrador hat

For those who literally want to top off their appearance, one of these Labrador embroidered hats could be just the ticket.

Again, style is at the center of the design and the outdoor theme is sure to capture a lot of attention.

It’s perhaps a product which is going to be worn by one of the more subtle Labrador-enthusiasts out there – someone who doesn’t want to explicitly tell the world that they own and love this dog, but a woman who is happy to let the imagery do the talking for her.

Additionally, this product arrives in three different colors aptly named Camo Chocolate Lab, Brown Waxy Canvas and Black Lab.

It should also be noted that some of these designs are formed from 100% cotton, again suggesting that this isn’t the typical novelty item – it’s one of true style and quality.

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What Else Does Labradors.Com Offer?

While the above products are the ones that impressed us most from the range, don’t be fooled into thinking that the store is limited to the odd t-shirt, sweatshirt and hat.

As we touched upon previously, this is a store which caters to every type of Lab-owner out there and does this by supplying a vast range.

For example, for people who don’t necessarily want to wear their dog with pride, basic stickers can be purchased for the home.

Some of these may just say something simply like ‘LAB MOM’, while others have been formed with a silhouette of the breed – with this containing all of the words that are generally used to describe them.

If we stay on the subject of items for the home, a lot of people tend to be interested in the cushions that this brand promote as well.

Again, style is high on the agenda, with most being quite a simplistic cushion – but with a vivid drawing of a Lab sketched in the middle. Usually, they are accompanied with a love heart, which just tops off the whole image again.

As one can see, this is a brand which goes completely against the grain of most pet-related stores. As well as having the backing of a terrific community, the products they release are very much out of the box and just appeal to such a huge range of Lab owners.

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