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The Best Natural Addyi Alternatives That Work – Making Sex For Women Great Again!

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Over the last few years it would be fair to say that there has been an increasing demand for drugs to improve a woman’s sex drive.

safe addyi alternatives

The fact that the FDA were accused of gender bias for their failure to approve such drugs merely highlighted the extent of the problem.

Additionally, a petition garnered over 60,000 signatures from people who were desperate for a libido enhancing drug for women to hit the market.


Now, it has arrived..

addyi for women

Unsurprisingly, the press have been beside themselves following the release of Addyi into the market. Every media source under the sun has jumped on the back of it – although not all of the viewpoints are positive.

The above means that there is now a market available for alternatives to Addyi. Through this guide, we’ll now take a look at exactly what Addyi is and just how worthwhile the other options really are.


What is Addyi?

Medically referred to as Flibanserin, Addyi is the first form of medication that can help women who suffer from a lack of libido. It was developed by Sprout pharmaceuticals.

sprout pharma

Just like Viagra arrives in a blue pill, Addyi has been ‘tailored’ to its audience and comes in a shade of pink.


What is the history behind it?


Considering how long Viagra has been available, it’s quite incredible to see the history behind Addyi.

This isn’t medication which has just been devised recently – it has been in the making for years. In fact, all of the way back in 2010 it didn’t look as though Addyi stood a chance, with the FDA declaring that it would not be sold as clinical trials were so inconclusive.

These trials suggested that it didn’t work anymore effectively than a placebo. Then, several years later in 2013, the same occurred. Despite a new clinical trial showing more promising results, the FDA’s answer was still the same.

It was actually the petition that made the big difference, with this resulting in 60,000 signatures and supposedly pushing the FDA into finally accepting it.


How does it work, and what are the active ingredients?

flibanserin active ingredient

There’s no doubt that Addyi works a lot differently to the male Viagra. Viagra is known to relax a man’s muscles and increase their blood flow – which ultimately encourages erections.

Addyi on the other hand is designed to combat hypoactive sexual desire disorder – a form of sexual dysfunction that is understood to affect around 10% of women in the country.

In simple terms, it is medication which will help you if you have low sexual desire and are rarely in the mood for bedroom excitement with your other half.

The way in which this medication works is by tinkering with your brain chemistry. It is able to alter the chemicals in your brain and in turn, improve those libido levels.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this pill can be taken just before you’re planning to have sex.

Again, in stark contrast to Viagra, this is a long-term solution. You will have to take it for weeks, if not months at a time, before you even start to feel the results.


Does Addyi work?

does addyi work

On the subject of the results, let’s take a look on whether or not the pill really works.

The simple answer is that it does work, although many are questioning whether or not it is completely effective.

For example, one study in 2013 showed that women who took the medication for 24 weeks experienced one additional satisfying sexual action every two months.

Of course, success of this pill is relative. The above results might be mind-blowing for some women, yet for others they may not be worthwhile.


What are the downsides to Addyi?


We’re going to leave the success rates alone now. As we’ve already commented on, they are impossible to measure as different women have different sexual expectations.

Those aside, there are some downsides to this medication though. Firstly, the side effects. Addyi is going to be packaged with a boxed warning, which is the most serious type of warning around.

Dangerously low blood pressure and fainting are possible side effects if the medication is combined with alcohol. When you consider that this is a long-term solution, which is generally going to be taken for months at a time, these side effects are quite worrying and effectively mean that you shouldn’t touch alcohol while you are taking Addyi.

Then, we have the price. While we are still waiting on the final figures, it’sestimated that it could cost as much as $75 a month with insurance.

It’salso worth mentioning that not every woman is going to qualify for this and you will be asked a string of questions before even being considered for Addyi.

For example, some doctors will question your menstrual cycles, what birth control you take and even the dynamics of your relationship with your other half. In other words, getting a prescription for this drug isn’t simple.

And finally, if you are taking addyi, you cannot drink! And since this was designed to be taken daily, that means total abstinence from alcohol. You get the picture.


What are the other options?

natural sex pills for women

Addyi has grabbed all of the headlines and when you study its history, it’sreally no surprise.

However, there are alternatives – many of which just haven’t received anywhere near as much attention as Addyi.

As we’ve just touched upon, Addyi certainly isn’t a perfect solution. In fact, some experts are still suggesting that the jury is out on whether or not it really should have been approved by the FDA.

This is mainly due to the side effects and the amount that it will cost you to buy on a monthly basis.

Bearing the above in mind, we’ve found a selection of products that tackle these two issues. Vigorelle, HerSolution Gel and FemVigor are all interesting alternatives to Addyi and we’ll now take a look at the trio in detail to see if they could be a better solution for you.




  • Vigorelle is a natural product which will put you back in the mood for sex. It will improve your libido no-end, and bring back the excitement to your relationship.
  • The big difference between Vigorelle and Addyi is the method of application. This isn’t a product which you take for months on end – you use it just before intercourse. Simply apply the cream around your vagina and start to experience feelings that you thought were lost in the past.
  • The other big difference is the natural-factor. Vigorelle has been made with purely natural ingredients, which means that there are absolutely zero side effects.
  • Vigorelle has primarily hit the market to improve your libido, but there are further benefits. One of these benefits is the sensitivity around your vagina – it means that your orgasms will be more intense than ever before.
  • Vigorelle has been used to great effect with other issues as well. For example, if you happen to suffer from vagina dryness, it has been found to aid relief with this.
  • A one month supply of Vigorelle costs $59.95, which makes it very similar to Addyi. However, if you purchase in bulk the price suddenly tumbles down, with a twelve month supply available for $489.95. This latter packages represents savings of $230.
  • The manufacturers of the product are so convinced that it will transform your sex life, they have inserted a 100% money-back guarantee. If you still aren’t in the mood after using Vigorelle, you can claim a refund within two months.
  • Lastly, the brand behind Vigorelle are unbelievably accomplished when it comes to natural supplements. Leading Edge Health have been involved in the industry for the past fourteen years – they know what works, and what will spark your sex life again.

Check out our full vigorelle review


HerSolution Gel

hersolution gel

  • HerSolution Gel is another natural alternative to Addyi. Again, this means that you don’t ever have to worry about side effects – your body is utterly safe.
  • As the name suggests, this is another product that arrives in gel-form. It is effectively a natural lubricant which you simply apply as and when you need.
  • It might be a natural lubricant, but don’t worry about the odour or texture. HerSolution Gel isn’t sticky in the slightest and is made for those of you who like to engage in oral sex. In other words, it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t taste badly – it’s sex friendly.
  • HerSolution Gel is a product that will ignite your sex life via a number of methods. It will prevent vaginal dryness (and all of the pain that is associated with this problem), increase the blood flow around your vagina and make every feeling “down there” completely sensual.
  • This is another product that arrives with a generous money-back guarantee. If things still aren’t working out for you in the bedroom, the manufacturers will allow you 67 days to obtain a refund.
  • The product costs the same as Vigorelle if you are looking to purchase the one month package. This is available for $59.95, although you can make big savings if you buy the six month supply available for $204.95. This package also happens to come with a one touch mini bullet, a candle and HerSolution pills.
  • The similar pricing model shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Leading Edge Health are also behind this product. Again, their fourteen year history speaks dividends – they know what they are talking about and can help you between the sheets.

Check out the full hersolution gel review




  • FemVigor is another product that mimics the benefits that Vigorelle and HerSolution Gel cover. It will stop vaginal dryness, give you an increased chance of experiencing an orgasm whilst ultimately getting you in the mood for those exciting nights.
  • The big difference between FemVigor and the other two products we have spoken about is the method of consumption. This time, it’s a capsule. It means that you consume with water – just like you would with Addyi.
  • It might be capsule-based, but it’s still made from completely natural ingredients. This once again means that side effects do not occur and immediately, this will put it ahead of Addyi for a lot of women.
  • This is a product which has been endorsed by doctors. It goes without saying that medical experts simply can’t afford to put their name to something if it isn’t successful.
  • Again, there’s a generous money-back guarantee here. You have thirty days to decide whether or not FemVigor is for you. If not, your pocket is protected – simply ask for a refund.
  • On the topic of finances, FemVigor is available for $59 for a one month supply – putting it on par with the other two products we’ve looked at. Additionally, you can save over $300 if you opt for the nine bottle supply which is available for $441.
  • This time it’s a different name behind the product, although the manufacturers of FemVigor still have a dedicated customer service team who are available all hours of the day. It means that they can again be trusted.

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