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Start a Cycle of Passion & Fulfillment – Best Female Libido Enhancers

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For years and years we’ve all been trying to find the next-best sex position, or read THOSE tips in the magazines which tell us how to transform our sex life. Ultimately, very few of them work.

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Some women believe that they aren’t cut out for sex – or even question whether or not the Orgasm really does exist. This isn’t through any fault of their own, or partner – it can just relate to their bodies.

Unfortunately, some women’s vaginas just don’t have that sensitivity and natural lubrication that is core to a rampant sex life. It’s in these cases where external aids have to be sought although nowadays, we can rely on safe, natural types.


What Are Natural Female Enhancement Products?

There’s no definition of this really – as some arrive in cream or gel-based form, while others are supplements.

However, the way in which they work is strikingly similar. They all aim to increase your natural method of lubrication, as well as providing your vagina with more sensitivity than it has ever had in the past.

This means that every intimate touch counts, while the days of “not being in the mood” or being “too tired” are long gone. In other words, they are packed with ingredients that make your libido soar through the roof.

Best Female Libido Enhancers


Are There Any Risks Associated With Them?

Understandably, a lot of people might be wary of using any product which is designed to tamper with their intimate parts.

However, as these female enhancement products are formed out of purely natural ingredients, it means that you can use them without any side effects whatsoever.

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What Are The Best Female Enhancement Products Available?

Initially, the market was quite sceptical about these products which was hardly surprising.

However, over time their popularity has soared and to highlight just what is available, we’ve put together a brief lowdown on the three main players in the natural female enhancement industry.


#1 – Vigorelle

Vigorelle has been featured heavily in the media. It’s again a cream-based product, as we scrutinise it in further detail…


  • Just like HerSolution Gel, Vigorelle is incredibly easy to use. Just apply it to your intimate areas, and watch your sex life soar.
  • When we talk about these improvements between the sheets, the results are very similar to HerSolution Gel. In other words, you’ll have more blood flowing through the vessels around the clitoris – providing you with sensations that you may have only read about in Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • In turn, you will become much more responsive to sex. Every touch from your partner will feel like nothing before which won’t only benefit you, but also allow his confidence to reach the sky. As we all know, a man’s confidence is key to his performance, so this product allows you to benefit from multiple angles.
  • Vigorelle uses similar, clinically proven, components to lubricate the vagina and prompt those heightened sensations. L-Arginine will open up your blood vessels again, while the likes of Gingko Biloba will enhance blood flow. Elsewhere, the manufacturers turned to Wild Yam to balance hormone production, which is a key ingredient when it comes to your sexual energy.
  • If you are just interested in purchasing a one month supply, Vigorelle is priced exactly the same as the previous product at $59.95. However, it comes in at slightly more expensive than HerSolution Gel for a six month batch, with this available for $289.95.
  • This is another product which has been brought to the market by Leading Edge Health. This again means that the chances of it working for you are huge, with this company producing a relentless supply of successful sex-boosting products over the years.

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#2 – FemVigor

FemVigor is a much different type of product to the other two, firstly because it is manufactured by a completely different company.

However, other than this, it arrives in supplement form. The aims are still the same, as we take a look at our final pick in more detail:


  • FemVigor arrives in capsule-form, allowing you to take the product without any hindrance to your day-to-day activities whatsoever.
  • Even though it arrives in this different format, the benefits are still the same. FemVigor is designed to boost your sex drive, prevent vaginal dryness and generally give you more sexual energy between the sheets. Ultimately, this helps you achieve multiple orgasms in minutes.
  • The product uses a slightly different concoction of ingredients, but ones that are still medically proven to transform sexual experiences. For example, Indian Kudzu has been found to increase vaginal lubrication, while separate studies have shown that Indian Spider Plant can increase a woman’s libido. This product is backed by science – not a “hopeful” blend of ingredients.
  • Doctors, herbalists and psychologists have all endorsed the product, once again showing that the science it is based on is 100% real and can be trusted to provide you with that sex life you’ve always dreamed about.
  • A one month supply of FemVigor is comparable to the other two products at $59. However, a six month supply has a much heftier price tag, with this currently set at $309.
  • FemVigor arrives with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the product without any risk to your pocket whatsoever.
  • Unlike the previous two products, FemFigor is not released by Leading Edge Health. Instead, it is manufactured by a younger company, but one who still have their own 24/7 customer service team which again emphasises that necessary trust.

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#3 – HerSolution Gel

HerSolution Gel has been featured on prime-time television already gives it a superb reputation in this industry. However, it’s more than just marketing spiel, as we’ll now delve into:

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  • HerSolution Gel works by lubricating your vagina and therefore solving one of the main problems women experience during intercourse. As well as this, it encourages more blood to flow to the vagina, making it completely sensitive to again provide you with sensations that you will have never felt in the past.
  • The beauty about the product is that it doesn’t have to be used permanently. Over time, your vagina will “learn” to become more naturally lubricated – allowing you to enjoy more intense sex for a lifetime.
  • All of these heightened sensations mean one thing – you’ve got the best chance possible of experiencing an orgasm. In other words, your sex life will be transformed.
  • As the name suggests, HerSolution Gel is based on a simple gel. There’s no complicated application here – it just takes one dab of the gel to lubricate your vagina, and make your sex life hit the roof at the same time.
  • This product isn’t based on frivolous myths; it uses real science to transform your sex life. For example, L-Arganine has been known for years to relax blood vessels, and therefore allow blood to flow freely through the vagina and promote those unparalleled feelings. Elsewhere, the manufacturers have carefully selected natural botanical essences, which have been proven to increase your libido to heights that will have again never been experienced in the past.
  • HerSolution Gel is currently priced at $59.95 for a one month package. However, you can make huge savings if you purchase in bulk, with a six month supply being just $204.95.
  • The manufacturers of this product are one of the biggest players in the supplements industry. Leading Edge Health have been around since the 90s, because every product they release just soars (just like your sex life will).

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