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How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally – Lowerol, The Best Cholesterol Supplement For Women

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In an age where every woman under the sun is aiming to have that Jessica Alba-like body, it could be said that high levels of cholesterol is one of the most dangerous conditions out there for the typical female.

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Most people are under the assumption that cholesterol levels and obesity go hand-in-hand. In other words, if you’re thin – you don’t have to worry. This couldn’t be further away from the truth.

High levels of cholesterol can impact absolutely anyone, whether they have the model-esque body or have a few too many pounds. Of course, at this point we’re only talking about the “bad cholesterol” – the substance that builds up around our artery walls and starts to cause problems.

If you have plenty of “good cholesterol” (scientifically referred to as high-density lipoprotein) you don’t have anything to worry about. This takes cholesterol away from the cells, ultimately making you healthier.

As you’ve probably already gathered, it’s the bad variety that we’re going to focus on through the remainder of this guide. It’s absolutely crucial, regardless of your figure, to keep levels of this down to a minimum. We’ll now delve into exactly why this needs to happen.

How to lower your cholesterol levels using Lowerol


What is The Problem With High Levels of Bad Cholesterol?

The answer to this question can relate to anything from heart attacks to strokes; the health repercussions can be significant.

When a person has high levels of cholesterol, they are ultimately restricting the amount of blood that is able to circulate around the arteries.

This occurs due to the build-up of cholesterol, which effectively blocks anything that attempts to pass it. It also means that blood clots are fairly common amongst those patients suffering from high levels of the substance.

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What Causes These Levels to Rise?

Most of the time, a poor diet is to blame for high levels of cholesterol.

This is the reason why the majority of people suffering from the problem are overweight – as they usually consume the foods that contain high amounts of saturated fats which is one of the major causes.

However, as we noted previously, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of the size-zero woman from suffering. For example, fads such as the Atkins Diet may have resulted in drastic weight loss for participants, but the low carb/high fat approach means that it comes at a cost of high cholesterol levels.

Therefore, lifestyle choices are by far and away the main reason why your cholesterol levels are going to rise. Unfortunately, some people are even more at risk from the complications that cholesterol can cause.

If you smoke or have a condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, the chances of one of the mentioned health conditions occurring will increase phenomenally.

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Is it Possible to Control Your Own Cholesterol Levels?

Cholesterol isn’t a heredity condition though; every woman under the sun can lower their levels if they make the right lifestyle choices. As you’ve probably already concluded from the previous text, the bulk of this rests with the diet.

If you can consume the right foods, those which have low levels of saturated fat, you will be well on your way to resolving the issue. Fruits and vegetables are a good start, but simply checking the packaging labelling will tell you a food’s saturated fat content and whether or not you should fling it in your shopping basket.

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Are There Any Faster Ways to Lower Cholesterol?

Some people with extraordinary high levels of cholesterol will be prescribed with specialist medication in a bid to lower it.


This usually occurs when said individuals are at an immediate risk; when their cholesterol level has reached such a stage that it could cause a heart attack or something just as serious almost instantly.

This medication is referred to as statins. Studies have shown that these certainly lower levels of your cholesterol, and don’t require much lifestyle work on your part to achieve this.

However, the big drawback arrives with the side effects. These are drugs which are accompanied by some truly horrific adverse effects, including an increased risk of diabetes, nosebleeds and liver damage.

It’s for the above reason that statins are only prescribed in extreme circumstances.


The Modern Alternatives to Prescribed Statins

For all of the above reasons, statins are not a favorable course of treatment. It’s also for these reasons that companies have devised natural versions of them – supplements that effectively mimic their effects, but do so without any side effects whatsoever.

The last sentence might appear to border on the unbelievable, but there are natural substances out there which have now been proven to lower our cholesterol levels.

One of the main players in this field is Lowerol and if you know that your cholesterol levels need to decrease, we’ll take a look at this product in more detail to see whether or not it could help you overcome the problem.


What is Lowerol?


Formulated from purely natural ingredients, Lowerol is one of the first supplements to act as direct competition for medically prescribed statins. We’ll now run over a breakdown of the product to see how it achieves this:

  • Lowerol may not have any of the nasty side effects that are so well-documented with statins, but it still manages to replicate the benefits. In other words, it will still reduce your levels of cholesterol considerably.
  • The natural-based element of Lowerol might raise a few eyebrows and some might possibly suggest that it just “can’t be true”. However, all of the major ingredients that form Lowerol have been clinically proven to lower levels of cholesterol.
  • In terms of specific facts, one study showed that the average person reduced their cholesterol levels by 15% after using Lowerol. This is sufficient in a lot of cases to eradicate all of the risks that high cholesterol levels prompt.
  • Additionally, these benefits are still going to be delivered in speed. Lowerol has been put through countless tests, one of which found that cholesterol levels had fallen after just 30-days of using the product.
  • Lowerol is manufactured by Napiers, who happen to be one of the most renowned players in the supplements business. The fact they have been around for over a century and a half says everything you need to know about their success.

Official Lowerol Website 


What Causes Lowerol to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels?

Lowerol works through the inclusion of phytosterols. Deriving from the likes of red yeast rice, grape seed extract and policosanol, phytosterols work by preventing cholesterol from being absorbed into your bloodstream.

This means that it doesn’t have the chance to “glue” to your arteries and clog them up; it exits the body as natural waste never to be seen again.

A lot of people think that the margarines stocked in supermarkets which claim to lower your cholesterol levels are just a fad.

However, they work by the exact same principle, using phytosterols to stabalize levels. As such, this is a tried-and-tested method of lowering cholesterol.


What Are The Chances of Lowerol Working For You?

The relationship between phytosterols and cholesterol isn’t a new thing; extensive scientific research has gone into this topic with the conclusion that they can lower your bad cholesterol levels by as much as 15%.

This isn’t something which is based on fiction, direct studies have shown this relationship and this is the first reason why we think Lowerol will work for you.

However, there is additional evidence. If we turn to the manufacturer, Napiers, this is a company who have been involved in the industry for over 150 years.

Usually, the turnaround of manufacturers in the supplements business is extensive to say the least – with new ones coming and going at lightning speed.

The fact that Napiers have lasted tells us that their products work, and we have no reason to see why the same won’t occur with Lowerol.

If we turn to some past user reviews, the evidence is also promising. Some women have revisited the doctor after being told about their high levels of cholesterol, only to be informed that following a course of Lowerol they don’t have to be prescribed the dangerous statins.

This is compelling stuff and again, tells us that Lowerol should work for you.

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Is Lowerol Expensive?

In terms of the price, a one month supply of Lowerol currently retails for $60.16. However, if you decide to buy in bulk and pay for two months’ worth, you’ll pay just $105.34 and immediately save $15.06.

The manufacturer has made other packages available as well. For example, for just over $7 more, it’s possible to purchase the one month supply in addition to a home cholesterol testing kit.

This allows you to monitor your levels and subsequently states if you need to continue your course of treatment.

Check out the official website 


What Have We Found Out About Cholesterol Levels?

In summary, it’s absolutely crucial to curb those “bad cholesterol” levels. Regardless of your figure, bad cholesterol is something that can creep up on you completely out of the blue, and leave you with a very serious condition.

Fortunately, modern advancements in medicine mean that it’s now much easier to control these levels. We were first given statins, which are prescribed by doctors and are medically proven to reduce the levels.

However, due to the nasty side effects, natural substitutes have now been developed.

These are relatively new in the market, but have already caused a storm and could be the go-to solution for anyone who has been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels. In other words, watch this space to see how products such as Lowerol change the industry.

Learn more about Lowerol in the Official Website

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