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Health Benefits of Alkalizing Super Greens & The Best Supplements To Buy

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There is one thing that all women have in common; we all want to eat healthily and reap the benefits because of this.

Best Alkalizing Super Greens Supplements

Unfortunately, with our hectic lifestyles certainly not getting any easier, it’s becoming harder than ever before to eat the required amount of green vegetables.

What the above means is that we are immediately putting our bodies under much more strain than they should be. Feeling tired on a day-to-day basis? Struggling to focus like you used to?

Craving all of the wrong foods? There is a good chance that your diet is to blame and in specific terms, it’s probably because you are not consuming enough green vegetables.

green vegetables

This is where alkalizing super green supplements have stepped in. In simple terms, these are supplements that contain all of your daily green goodness in one powder or capsule.

Gone are the days of cooking five different green vegetables in the hope of beating all of the issues we have just talked about; you can consume the likes of kale, broccoli and spinach without even seeing these vegetables in their “standard” form.

Obviously, this is proving to be an interesting topic. Bearing this in mind, we’ll now take a look at alkalizing super greens supplements to see just what the fuss is about, and how they can benefit your body.


How Will Alkalizing Super Greens Supplements Benefit Your Body?

benefit your body

This is all related to our PH levels in our body. As we’ve already said, most of us just can’t help eating the wrong foods – our busy lifestyles mean that we often have to take shortcuts and this is where we start to eat too many proteins, dairy products and grain-based foods.

This has the knock-on effect on creating a PH imbalance, as all of these foods happen to be quite acidic. Ultimately, we are left with a situation where our body’s acidity levels are just too high.

On the flip side, green vegetables are alkaline-based. As such, if you can consume a lot of these in your diet you can immediately balance out those PH problems.

But, how exactly is this going to benefit you? Experts believe that those people who have an acid-alkaline imbalance are more susceptible to fatigue, aging, cravings and a whole host of other unwanted problems.

Therefore, by seamlessly increasing the amount of green vegetables that enter your body, you are immediately tackling these issues.


Why have the supplements grabbed so much press attention recently?


The main reason behind the soar in popularity is because of Elle Macpherson. She has endorsed an alkalizing super green supplement which claims has changed her life and allowed her to look and feel much younger.

Then, when experts have studied Macpherson’s method, it has become clear that there is definite science behind her product.

After all, all it is doing is making it much easier to consume green vegetables as you no longer have to prepare and cook them like you currently do. Instead, you can consume them in powder form in seconds.


What is Macpherson’s product about?

Elle Macpherson

Macpherson’s product is called The Super Elixir and is regarded as one of the most high-profile alkalizing super greens supplements in the world.

To give a lowdown on exactly what it entails, we will now go over a breakdown of the product.

Additionally, to showcase what other products are out there, we will take a look at Green SuperFood which is a very similar super greens supplement that is suitable for women.

best alkalising super greens


#2 What is The Super Elixir? (Our Second Pick)

super elixir

  • Developed by Elle Macpherson, this is one of the market leaders when it comes to alkalizing super greens supplements.
  • The product contains no fewer than forty five different ingredients, all of which aim to increase the body’s alkaline levels and ultimately balance out that PH.
  • The knock-on effect from this is that you won’t be as tired, you will feel much younger and your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates will be practically eradicated.
  • Macpherson’s company has made sure that the product doesn’t contain any “fillers” whatsoever. This means that each and every ingredient is in there for a reason – to boost your overall health.
  • Additionally, The Super Elixir is something that is suitable for practically everyone. Whether you are vegan or vegetarian, the ingredients mean that the product is not going to go against your beliefs.
  • You won’t be waiting for months for The Super Elixir to work. On the contrary, this is something that will generally take about seven days before you start seeing the results.
  • The big problem with The Super Elixir is the price. It currently retails for $150 and this is something that won’t be affordable to every woman out there.
  • Nevertheless, some would argue that Macpherson’s brand is worthy of such an investment. After all, WelleCo are hugely renowned in the supplements field and know exactly what they are talking about.

#1 What is Green SuperFood By Amazing Grass? (Our First Pick)

green super food amazing grass

  • The rival product to The Super Elixir is Green SuperFood. This is virtually the same but the big advantage comes in the price – with this product available from as little as $21.99 (Amazing Grass Official Website).
  • Additionally, the manufacturers are keen on rewarding those customers who buy in bulk. For example, if you decided to buy nine packages of the product, you would immediately receive a 25% discount.
  • If we turn to the science, Green SuperFood is another product that heavily relies on natural ingredients. In total, there are twelve within the product – all of which work to boost alkalinity in your body and generally improve your overall health.
  • These ingredients mean that you will suddenly release a young lease of life. You’ll feel young again, less tired and less likely to crave the foods that have an adverse effect on your body.
  • Another great advantage of Green SuperFood is the simplicity of the ingredients. This is a product which everyone can understand in basic form; it includes some of the most well-known green vegetables out there such as spinach, broccoli and wheat grass.
  • You aren’t going to need big chunks out of your day to consume Green SuperFood. Simply add it to water and drink it.
  • Just like The Super Elixir, Green SuperFood is suitable for vegans and vegetarians which means that the audience for the product is immense.
  • The Super Elixir might be backed by Elle Macpherson, but don’t discount the brand who are behind Green SuperFood. Amazing Grass have been established even longer and having been in business since 2002, they boast even more experience in the supplements industry. Trust is again not an issue.

Buy Green SuperFood From The Official Website

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